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Virtual trends 2021 report: Symbols of optimism, well-being expected to gain greater popularity

NEW YORK (PRNewswire) -- Depositphotos, one of the world's leading visual content marketplaces with a library of over 190 million files, has released their annual visual trends report.

The project "Visual Trends 2021: Living a New Reality" explores how visual communication has changed in light of the past year to uncover a roadmap for brands and content creators working with visuals in 2021.

Symbols of optimism, physical and digital well-being, inspiration in nature, and earthy tones are some hints at the main features and themes in visual communication in 2021.

Snackable videos that last a few seconds are gaining popularity online as they keep users engaged with authentic stories and an entertaining content format.

Other areas to explore and experiment with are new interactive content formats that integrate sound and multisensory experiences and gamification in design.

"Our world greatly changed over the past year and it has never been more exciting to explore where visual communication is heading in the near future. The 2021 trends report is full of new insights for brands and content creators that aim to make the new reality we're living more thrilling than challenging. We collaborated with international award-winning creative agencies and industry experts for more tips and advice that could help your projects in the coming year." - Maria Sibirtseva, Creative Project Manager at Depositphotos

The creative agencies Depositphotos collaborated with for this project include Droga5 London, Design Bridge, Active Theory, Your Majesty, Dentsu ACHTUNG!, Publicis, Leo Burnett Ukraine, Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine, [isdgroup], Locomotive, and experts from Google.

SOURCES: Depositphotos Inc.; PRNewswire

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