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Artist Claudio Fiori creates online store

SIEM REAP, Cambodia (PRNewswire/ -- Like many industries in the post COVID world; artists and creative types have been hit especially hard, particularly those who live and work in remote and developing countries, who previously relied on tourists to appreciate their work. The stereotype of the 'starving artist' has never been more true.

Claudio Fiori is one of those artists. Based in Siem Reap Cambodia, Claudio has seen first hand; the previous steady stream of tourists, first slowing to a trickle before inevitably drying up entirely.

"I used to have many visitors each day to my studio, now it has been months without a single visitor, or selling a single piece of work."

Claudio has since had to close his studio and now works from a single room apartment. With the very real possibility of not being able to afford to put food on his table, let alone paint on his brush. Claudio has attempted a pivot away from the tourist streets, into the high tech world of online art sales.

This week launching his online store in the hopes of reconnecting with his customers; new and old, from around the world.

Claudio's story is an interesting one, having been born and raised near Milan in Italy, learning his trade from various Masters around the country, before he set out to travel the world in search of inspiration for his 'esoteric themed' artworks.

"I first became interested in art when I was three years old, after watching my elder brother Bruno painting watercolors; as it was his hobby. I was amazed.. My first master was Bruno, my older brother."

They say a picture paints a thousand words, for Claudio's work, the reality may be closer to ten thousand words. With themes of Buddha, love, peace and winged angels, all in technicolor with a deep sense of the universe.

Some might compare the artwork to the sort of imagery one would encounter after a liaison with certain psychedelic substances.

"I have always been attracted by the peace, love and the 'brown bread practicality' hippies. I love to learn about other cultures, as well as my brothers and sisters around the world."

With his unrelenting spirit of eternal optimism, he enigmatically hinted to some deeper knowledge of the universe, keeping him at peace with the events which have overtaken us all this year.

"I lived in India for 30 years and studied the Vedas, where I've learnt many things."

Claudio's story can be followed via his website, Facebook or Instagram page.

SOURCES: Claudio Fiori; PRNewswire

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