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Try 'Trick' instead of treats this Halloween

Unlike candy, magic tricks are dentist-friendly and gluten-free...

SALT LAKE CITY (PRNewswire) -- Halloween 2020 need not become another Covid-19 cancellation for kids. Instead, parents can make it magical by giving kids some professionally designed magic tricks to master.

Discover Magic, the national company whose award-winning magicians use magic to instill confidence and character-building traits in kids, is offering Mini Magic Kits with eight different tricks that children as young as six can easily learn. Some are even suitable for three-year-olds.

Among other tricks, kids will learn how to make an elephant disappear, use superhero socks to predict the future and crack the secret behind the incredible shrinking dog. Instructions come with the tricks, which are on cards about the size of baseball cards, and a video is also available.

There's also some magic that parents will appreciate.

"Each trick is tied to one of the eight traits of a true magician," says Brian South, the cofounder of Discover Magic and an inventor of magic tricks. "For example, one trait of a true magician is being respectful, which means putting others first and saying please and thank you."

The other traits, each with a trick tie-in, include being prepared, enthusiastic, confident, humble, creative, authentic and giving.

Empathy by another name, and any time of the year

"Everything we do at Discover Magic is really about cultivating empathy among kids," says South, who is also a parent. "They just happen to have a whole lot of fun doing it."

Even before the pandemic, South was offering the kids who trick-or-treated in his neighborhood a choice between a chocolate bar or a magic trick. "Four out of five of them went for the magic," he says.

While the Mini Magic Kits are the perfect alternative to the usual Halloween activities—which hardly lend themselves to social distancing—the tricks are timeless. They'll be good long after those carved pumpkins turn into…something not so magical.

Besides, kids have had to wear masks for much of the year. And unlike candy, magic tricks are dentist-friendly and gluten-free.

In such a topsy-turvy year, when it seems kids have had no control over school or activities or play dates, put a little magic in their lives this October, where they're in charge. Click here to give them this treat for Halloween:

About Discover Magic

Established in 2015, Discover Magic offers a one-of-a-kind program created by educators and some of the top magicians of our time.

In Discover Magic's courses, kids are given secret file folders and custom tricks not found anywhere else, as well as unique opportunities to boost self-confidence, build communication skills, and make new friends in a fun and nurturing environment.

For more information, please visit

SOURCES: Discover Magic; PRNewswire

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