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TIGHT5 screenwriting contest open to Asian Americans, other cultural groups

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (PRNewswire) -- TIGHT5, a non-profit organization and online community for emerging writers, has launched the first of its online screenwriting competitions, in short-form storytelling, to encourage, enlighten and empower people of color to find and develop their authentic voice.

The short-form competition was launched on October 1, 2020 and offers a grand prize of $1,000 as well an opportunity to have the winning script produced by one of TIGHT5's producing partners.

Registration information can be found on the TIGHT5 website at Submissions will be accepted until November 10. The winner will be announced on December 10.

Submitted scripts will be evaluated by award-winning writer and producer Dennis E. Leoni (Resurrection Blvd., Los Americans), TIGHT5's founding presiding judge, along with award-winning producer David Valdes (Avatar 2, Unforgiven, Book of Eli) and executive producer Barbara Assante (Baja Entertainment).

TIGHT5 plans to conduct competitions for different forms of writing, highlighting diversity and inclusion in a bid to unlock creative opportunities for the marginalized. News of subsequent competitions will be announced soon.

"The future of this industry relies on engaging writers of diverse backgrounds to share their stories in an authentic way. TIGHT5 would like to inspire and empower these future scribes," says TIGHT5 founder Benjamin Torres. "We encourage others in the community to join in and support by logging on and finding a way to contribute."

About TIGHT5

TIGHT5's mission is to accelerate better representation in the stories about communities by laying the foundation for a new flood of writers and storytellers. It aims to accomplish this through competitions that put a premium on diverse stories and provide underrepresented groups an avenue to discover and hone their craft with the help of writing tools and exposure to relevant industry resources and mentors. TIGHT5 envisions an entertainment community where relevant narratives are being told, sold and produced.


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