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StylePad a handy tool in DIY clothing photography for e-commerce

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

IRVINE, Calif. (PRNewswire) -- Ortery Technologies released the new StylePad accessory designed specifically for clothing photography.

The StylePad makes it easy to stylize and photograph apparel in "natural hanging", flat lay or "angled lay" positions.

Simply roll it into position, stylize and take great photos of clothing for eCommerce. It works with any camera and lights. The uniform background simplifies creating pictures of clothing on a pure white background.

At 24" x 60" x 82" the StylePad is made of aluminum and requires lite assembly. The sturdy 53" x 75" shooting frame is large enough to photograph all types of clothing including tops, bottoms, jackets, and full-length apparel.

In addition, it can be used as a background or for photographing creative combos of clothing and accessories.

The StylePad is easy to use and requires no photography experience. When placed horizontal, simply lay, pin and fasten your apparel to the cloth background. Once the clothing is set, adjust the StylePad to the desired angle to take pictures.

The shooting area locks in place while lying flat like a table, vertical or at any angle in between.  

The angles can be noted and reused for increased photo consistency. The durable cloth overlay is specially designed to stay taught long after the initial installation.

Additionally, the cloth can have pin after pin stuck through it without showing any signs of wear in your pictures.

"Gravity plays a large role in the appearance and attractiveness of clothing. By letting the apparel hang naturally, StylePad allows users to photograph clothing at its best," said Sam Shearer, Managing Director at Ortery Technologies.

The Ortery StylePad includes a special accessory for photographing clothes as they hang on a clothes hanger.

The hanging stud attaches to the top of the aluminum frame and clothes hangers are hung on the included fishing line attached to the hanging stud. This method of shooting clothes on a hanger produces a clean image where the hanger and clothing appear to be floating in midair.

As an option, use LiveStudio LED lights from Ortery with the StylePad. In this configuration, an integrated photography system is created.

The LiveStudio photography software automatically controls the wireless lighting, picture taking and image processing to create eCommerce photos of clothing on pure white and transparent backgrounds.   

StylePad is currently available.

Founded February 2003, with offices in California and Taiwan, Ortery Technologies supports customers and distributors worldwide with automation tools that make eCommerce photography easier and faster.

SOURCES: Ortery Technologies, Inc.; PRNewswire

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