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Street artist David Zinn's cheerful creatures

When I need a break from work in the middle of the day, I oftentimes go to Instagram for a bit of cheering up.

Two of the accounts that never fail to lift me up are "Cats of Instagram" and that of street artist David Zinn.

I love cats (and dogs) and I enjoy watching the antics of the cats featured on Cats of Instagram.

Then I also love checking out the latest artworks of Zinn, who makes street drawings using chalk, charcoal and found objects.

His website says the artworks "are always improvised on location through a process known as 'pareidolic anamorphosis' or 'anamorphic pareidolia.'"

Zinn created most of his artworks on sidewalks in Michigan but his drawings have also been seen on streets in different places such as New York, Sweden, and even Taiwan.

According to his website, "David Zinn is generally available for commissioned installations of small-scale temporary and permanent street art, as well as workshops and demonstrations of sidewalk chalk and anamorphic (3D) drawing techniques."

His website also has a store where people can buy books, bags, mugs, and postcards featuring his works.

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