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StockGraphy converts artworks into digital assets for future generations

TOKYO (PRNewswire) -- StockGraphy Inc. starts "Digi:reBUILD", converting cultural properties and artworks into high-precision 3D to preserve them as digital assets that can be permanently experienced online.

Digi:reBUILD transmits the online experience of valuable arts and cultural assets to the future by 3D digitalizing.

StockGraphy has been developing technology specializing in high-precision 3D digitization of shaped objects to digitally preserve historically and culturally important arts, crafts, and cultural properties at higher precision.

Arts and cultural properties deteriorate over years. They may deteriorate in the process of restoration. Digi:reBUILD is an initiative that transmits culture and history to the future.

Digi:reBUILD preserves the current appearance of cultural assets and hand them down to the future as high-precision online 3D data that anyone in the world can experience.

The company developed a technical flow that reconstructs the existing 3D digitized data and reproduces its detailed surface information as further refined 3D data.

It is an original technique, materialized by carefully repeating reconstruction between three-dimensionalization and two-dimensionalization (flattening) for realizing higher definition.

Using its technology, even fine irregularities or texture of target objects can be converted into data, and will be presented in more graspable condition than in the real objects.

Digi:reBUILD allows users to view 3D digitized works through their smartphone, PC or Mac.

They can view the work as if the real thing was at hand. Users can zoom it up and check the details, all with just a click of the web link with no apps.

3D data, not just 'online experience'

With 3D data, users can get a better grasp of one element by deleting other elements.

For instance, by deleting the color element as shown in the image below, one can get a better grasp of the unevenness or gloss of the object, which is difficult to catch when shown with color. This is one of the benefits of 3D digitization.

SOURCES: StockGraphy Inc.; PRNewswire

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