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South Korean student film wins gold in global 'University Oscars'

HONG KONG (PRNewswire) -- The 2020 Global University Film Awards (GUFA), organized by the Academy of Film (AF) at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), was concluded on November 6.

The Gold Award went to the entry from the Korea National University of Arts in South Korea, while the Best Documentary prize went to the film entry from INSAS in Belgium.

See the full list of award winners here.

Attending the award presentation ceremony were Dr. Clement Chen, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU; Professor Roland Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU; Professor Eva Man, Director of AF; Ms Chloe Suen, Chair of the Simon Suen Foundation; and Ms Shi Nan-sun, a film producer.

In his remarks, Dr. Clement Chen said: "'Make the Light, Move the World.' So goes the tagline of tonight's very special awards, and indeed, cinema possesses the power to change the world and shine a light on society. As the home of creativity in Hong Kong, we are honored to welcome some of the world's most talented young filmmakers, our future world-changers, to GUFA 2020."

Envisaged as the "University Oscars", GUFA was held for the second time this year, and it received a total of 2,503 submissions from 104 countries and regions worldwide.

In his speech, Professor Roland Chin described GUFA as the most international university event ever undertaken in Hong Kong.

He said: "Great works of art are always born of an age of chaos and crisis. The movie creations by students from across the world carry the burdens of a deeply troubled era and tell the stories of their intense passion. Years later when we look back, we will wake up to the stark realization that the social unrest and pandemic era is an era of profound creativity. While we are swept along by the wave of collective anguish, our students use light and sound to proclaim to the world the splendors and hopes of the time. We at HKBU are glad to have joined hands with you to make this happen."

Professor Eva Man said GUFA not only showcases the exemplary works of young filmmakers from across the world, but it also fosters the exchange of ideas and enhances professional networks. She is grateful for the support of the local and global film communities which has helped make the event a reality amidst all the difficulties and challenges.

The award presentation ceremony was honored with the presence of celebrated professionals from the film and media industries, including film directors Johnnie To Kei-fung, Ann Hui On-wah, Sylvia Chang Ai-chia, Cheuk Wan-chi and Miss Chu Hoi-ying, as well as renowned actress Crisel Consunji, veteran journalist Michael Chugani, and Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of the Lan Kwai Fong Group.

A recorded TV broadcast of the ceremony will also be aired to the public on the Hong Kong International Business Channel (HKIBC) at 9:00pm on November 15, Sunday.

GUFA 2020 was organized and presented by the Academy of Film, which is part of the School of Communication at HKBU. The Simon Suen Foundation was the Title Sponsor and Medialink Group Limited also sponsored the event.

For more information about the GUFA Awards, please refer to the GUFA website, GUFA Facebook page and GUFA YouTube channel.


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