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Singer, social activist Halsey inspires 'Be a King' global campaign

NEW YORK (PRNewswire) -- Budweiser announces a partnership with chart topping, multi-platinum, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and social activist, Halsey, unveiling a new film titled: "Make Your Name – Be a King."


The globally recognized talent stars in the film highlighting her amazing story of self-belief in rising from New Jersey teenager Ashley Frangipane to award winning musician Halsey.

Fueled by her ambition, the film shows her journey to overcome adversity by finding the inspiration for both her music and her stage name. 

"Make Your Name – Be a King" follows her metamorphosis from Ashley to Halsey, bringing the viewer on an emotional journey as she relentlessly pursues her path to stardom.

Through never-before-heard poetry, Halsey describes how Ashley found inspiration from daily subway rides and ultimately adopting her stage name from the Halsey station stop on the New York City subway. 

Armed with only determination, dreams and a pen, Halsey's attitude and self-belief enabled her to step up and find success to be crowned a global King of music.

"I was so honored Budweiser found my story compelling enough to recreate in such vivid detail. New York City often felt like a kingdom in itself. My days tucked away writing music in the underbelly of New York often felt bleak and hopeless, but they were colored with the fantasy of one day exploring the magnitude of it all and dominating it in my own way. I wrote songs on the subway that I later performed on a sold-out stage at Madison Square Garden and it was in this moment I truly felt like a King, in this once ungraspable city," said Halsey.

"I wrote the poem accompanying the film to tell my younger self to save up all of her rage and excitement and confusion because one day, on that stage at MSG, I would feel it all explode and burst forth from me. I would finally be a king in the city where I made my name."

As part of the global campaign, Budweiser and Halsey are collaborating on limited-edition merchandise. Designed by Halsey and her team, the apparel collection encourages fans to celebrate the King mentality. Fans can pre-order the collection at with all profits going to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

"Budweiser is focused on celebrating stories of ambition which inspire our consumers to step up and Be a King. This attitude to life has been ingrained in Budweiser since Adolphus Busch came to the US with the dream of creating the King of Beers," said Steve Arkley, Budweiser Global VP. "Halsey embodies this same self-belief with an incredible true story of overcoming challenges to make her own name."

Halsey also released an original spoken word poetry entitled "Becoming a King" which shares her powerful perspective on 'finding her motivation in the lights and name in the signs'. 

The partnership first kicked off Halsey's Super Bowl concert in Miami at the BUDX Hotel and follows Budweiser's recent partnerships with Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi.

SOURCES: Budweiser, PRNewswire

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