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Ring with Guinness record number of diamonds set to be auctioned Nov. 13-22

HYDERABAD, India (PRNewswire) -- The New Guinness World Record for Most Diamonds Set in One Ring was achieved in September 2020 by Kotti Srikanth, owner of The Diamond Store by Chandubhai (a unit of Hallmark Jewellers) in Hyderabad, India.

Guinness World Record Ring The Divine - 7801 Brahma Vajra Kamalam

The ring with a total of 7,801 natural diamonds is set to go for auction online from November 13 to 22, 2020.

The registrations for bidding shall begin on November 2, 2020. The reserve price has been set at INR 78,01,000 (USD 104,692 approx) for the bidders.

The creator of the Ring, Kotti Srikanth says, "I am very honored and thankful to the Guinness World Records for recognizing my passion to create unique pieces of art in jewellery. I am pleased to share this success and offer this masterpiece The Divine 7801 for an online auction globally. Furthermore, I wish to donate 10% of the proceeds towards charity."

Bidding process Registrations are invited on the website

On completion of the registration, a URL, user id and password for the auction will be sent to the registered bidder.

The auction will be in real-time for all the bidders with valid user ID and password.

About The Divine 7801, Brahma Vajra Kamalam The name of the ring is inspired from Brahma Kamalam, a rare Flower found in the Himalayas.

Diamond is called as Vajra in Sanskrit and Telugu.

The flower was chosen as design of The Divine Ring as it is a common offering for worship in the most natural and purest form.

All the diamonds used in this ring are certified conflict free natural diamonds.

The ring was conceptualized in September 2018 and it took about 11 months of dedicated artistic effort and craftsmanship for its completion.

It has a total of six layers, out of which five layers have eight petals each and the sixth top layer has six petals with three pollens in the center.

SOURCES: The Diamond Store by Chandubhai; PRNewswire

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