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R.I.P. Pacman the Dog

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Sending out hugs and sympathies to the family of Senator Manny Pacquiao as they grieve the death of Pacman the Dog.

GMA News Online reported that the 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier was accidentally run over by one of the close aides of the senator on June 27 in General Santos City (GenSan). The beloved canine has now been laid to rest inside the Pacquiao family's property in GenSan.

GMA reporter Mav Gonzales who has been covering Pacquiao's boxing fights for years, says the senator was deeply saddened over Pacman's death.

On Facebook, Gonzales wrote, "Pacman is the dog who runs with him. Pacman also goes with him to the US when he trains there. Sen. Manny even says that si Pacman ang taga-gising niya sa umaga minsan."

For many years, Pacman the Dog had been training and traveling with Pacquiao, one of the greatest boxers of all time.

A Manila Times article says the dog traveled a lot with the senator, shuttling often to and from the US and the Philippines, earning him the nickname "most traveled dog in the world," Manila Times says.

Pacman was the senator's "running mate, pacer during roadwork while preparing for a fight whether in Kennon Road or Marcos Highway or Forbes Park circuit in the Philippines," Manila Times says.

Meanwhile, reports that Pacman was given by Pacquiao's best friend and chief trainer Buboy Fernandez in 2006.

Pacman's constant companion, Noel Lautengco, recalls that the dog used to be a hyperactive pup who ruined many of Pacquiao's couches but mellowed down when he was taken outdoors for walks.

Pacman's Pacman

Pacman the Dog shared a nickname with his "hooman" Pacquiao, who was nicknamed Pacman by his first trainer Sardo Mejia.

In an article on ABS CBN, Mejia recalls that he suggested the name when he went to a cockfighting derby with Pacquiao.

Mejia, Pacquiao's uncle, said he initially thought of "ManPac" from the first syllables of the senator's name but suddenly realized "Pacman" sounded better. Pacquiao agreed and that was the name he put on the wing band of his rooster.

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