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Pink respirator launched to support breast cancer warriors

HONG KONG (PRNewswire) -- Frontliners Med launched a special edition warrior pink respirator to protect breast cancer warriors and their families.

Proceeds will provide PPE donations and subsidized mental health services to COVID-19 healthcare workers and their families affected by breast cancer.

In light of October being mental health and breast cancer awareness month, from October until the end of November, proceeds from the Support 95™ special edition Warrior Pink will fund donations of PPE to high risk individuals like frontliners and their families affected by breast cancer. If you want to show your support a frontliner that is fighting breast cancer and/or in need of mental health services please join #ThePinkMaskChallenge.

Shining a light on the vulnerable frontline workers who have battled breast cancer, global medical supply provider Frontliners Med has released the Support-95™ in limited edition, warrior pink -- an FDA authorized FFP2 particulate respirator designed to protect frontliners and the high-risk public alike. This includes individuals with weakened immune systems and their loved ones.

For every box of Support-95™ in Warrior Pink purchased from October until the end of November, one Support-95™ will be donated to frontliners affected by breast cancer. 

Additionally, Frontliners Med operates by donating a portion of each purchase to help frontline workers connect with mental health services. The company is encouraging frontliner workers to reach out to them if they require support throughout and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

Frontliner Meds' Support-95™ is the first of many products which aim to support the physical and mental needs of the frontline heroes.

Founded by Frontliner Candice Escobedo, Family Nurse Practitioner and medical supply consultant in Texas, USA and Allison Cao, an American ER/ICU nurse, product developer, and is residing in Shenzhen, China the company recognizes that those who care for others suppress their need to care for themselves. 

Compassion fatigue is rampant amongst this community as they continue to experience unprecedented events on the frontline. 

The unspoken mental health burdens have taken their toll on everyone and in some unfortunate cases even led to suicide.

Founded in 2020, Frontliners Med partners with mission-minded professionals across the globe to design, manufacture, source and supply PPE for frontliners and civilians world-wide. Every product purchased goes toward PPE donations and ongoing mental health support for frontline workers.

Why buy the Support-95™

Uniquely created in partnership with healthcare professionals, the Support-95™ respirator has been intelligently designed to protect frontline workers and the general public from the spread of COVID-19.

Behind the patented design is Regina Miracle International Holdings, a public, multi-award winning manufacturing company trusted by the world's leading intimate wear and sports brands since 1998.

What does this mean for Support-95™ users?

  • The perfect fit. The Support-95™ mask is uniquely available in four sizes, ensuring safer, stronger protection against droplet transmission.

  • No more pressure marks. These unique soft shell respirators are made with molding technology used to make intimate wear, providing cloud-like comfort and reducing painful indentations and bruising caused by standard respirators.

  • Superior protection. While most masks have 4 or 5 layers, the Support-95™ boasts 8 layers of protection including outer micro polyester water repellent layer, 4 layers of nano polyester filtration, 2 layers of 99% BFE medical grade meltblown filtration, and an inner layer of antimicrobial, water-wicking polyester that can help those with "maskne." No other mask we have seen on the market offers this level of protection.

  • Certifications. FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for medical use in USA market, CE Modules B,C2, and D as well as FFP2 NR certificate for UK/EU markets, GB 2626 for China and other Asian markets, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100,

  • No counterfeits. Support 95™ is incredibly difficult to replicate. The unique patented manufacturing process requires a high level of skill. Many other brands rely on standard manufacturing technology, hence their current challenges with counterfeiting of their products. The safety of healthcare workers and the public will always be of the highest priority to Frontliners Med.

  • Supporting those who support you. Frontliners Med donates to and is collaborating with mission minded organizations to provide ongoing subsidized mental health care for frontline workers.

Frontliners Med co-founders comment: "From bedside nursing to manufacturing, Frontliners Med started as a passion project. After seeing our fellow frontliners suffer without proper protective equipment, we were infuriated and saddened. The mental health burden for frontliners continues to be heavy as we have watched each other fear for our lives, our families, and our patients' health while having little control. From this experience, Frontliners Med was born and we vow to revolutionize the way we protect and support our frontline."

During this pandemic and coming into the winter season, there will be added strain of supply shortages and unprecedented mental health challenges. Being immunosuppressed at this time is scary. If you are a frontliner, or high risk individual, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for proper protection.

To purchase the Support 95™, visit

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

If you're a frontliner seeking mental health support, please contact

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