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Parents Magazine names best apps for kids in 2020

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

NEW YORK (PRNewswire) -- Meredith Corporation's PARENTS magazine released this year's list of Best Apps for Kids, a selection of 23 winners considered top learning apps of 2020.

The list is available on and in the November issue of PARENTS magazine, available now.

PRNewsfoto/Meredith Corporation

"These days, parents turn to their tablets not only to entertain their kids, but to provide ad-hoc childcare and educational enrichment. But finding quality apps isn't easy: The marketplace is flooded with options, and it's hard to figure out which apps are worth your time and money. PARENTS embarked on this giant app road test to help clear the digital clutter for our readers, and upgrade their kids' screen time experience. I'm thrilled with the list of winners," says Julia Edelstein, PARENTS magazine Editor-in-Chief.

PARENTS editors tapped tech and education experts for their picks in the crowded kids' app space and then gave a panel of junior testers permission to play. The 23 winners were named based on the following criteria: ad-free, limited or no in-app purchases, clear learning goals, fun factor, representation, and games kids can't easily play in real life.

The complete PARENTS' list of The Best Apps for Kids is listed below by category and on

MATH Best for Counting: Moose Math Best for Learning Shapes: Little 10 Robot: Goodness Shapes Best for Logic Building: Dragonbox Numbers Best for Math Facts: Number Run Best for Telling Time: Tic Toc Time

MULTIPLE SUBJECTS Best Educational Videos: BrainPOP Jr. Best for Skill Building: Khan Academy Kids Best for Toddlers: Hungry Caterpillar Play School

MUSIC Best Intro to Instruments: Melody Jams Best Musical Basics: Mazaam

READING AND WRITING Best for Creative Writing: Write About This Best for E-Books: Epic! Best for Learning to Read: Read Along by Google Best for Spelling: Montessori Crosswords for Kids Best for Storytime: Audible

SCIENCE Best for Beginner Coders: ScratchJr Best Intro to Animals: Peekaboo Barn Best for Nature Walks: Seek by iNaturalist Best Intro to Science: PBS Kids Play and Learn Science Best Intro to Space: What's in Space?

SOCIAL STUDIES Best Atlas: Barefoot World Atlas Best for Presidential Trivia: Presidents vs. Aliens Best for U.S. Geography: Stack the States

ABOUT PARENTS The PARENTS brand, the leading source for busy, millennial moms, reaches 9.3 million readers monthly through an award-winning magazine and over 19 million through its digital and social platforms.

With an understanding that raising good people is the most important job, PARENTS serves up trusted advice that empowers moms and dads to care for their kids with confidence and find ways to enjoy the ride. PARENTS is produced by Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP).

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