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Over 1,000 musicians worldwide join 'Life's Good' competition

SEOUL, South Korea (PRNewswire) -- LG Electronics (LG) has announced the three winners of its Life's Good Music Project with H.E.R., which attracted more than a thousand talented young musicians from around the world.

Launched in August as part of LG's Life's Good campaign aimed at supporting and encouraging young voices, the virtual music contest drew submissions from aspiring performers from countries all over the globe.

Each entrant was tasked with completing a song from the first 16 bars written and composed by a young Grammy Award-winning musician.

The Life's Good Music Project final winners are Claire Ernst of Nashville, Tenn., Andrew Music Williams of Long Beach, Calif., and Jake Chapman of Los Angeles, Calif.

Selected on the strength and passion so evident in their outstanding submissions, the three individuals have earned the opportunity to collaborate (virtually) with the Grammy Award-winning musician.

Together, the four extraordinary young artists will create a piece with the message of "Life's Good" to be released later this year.

Although they come from different places and backgrounds, Claire, Andrew and Jake all share a love of making music that began at a very young age.

Claire has been writing songs since second grade, while multi-instrumentalist Jake started playing piano as a six-year-old then mastered the vibraphone as a middle school student.

The winners are also united in their desire to create music that resonates and empowers. "I believe everyone needs hope in life, especially during the times we are in now," said Andrew Music Williams. "Although there is a lot going on, somehow, we have to find the good in what's meant to be tough. The movement Life's Good is something I could not pass up. I love to inspire through songs."

"Congratulations to the three winners. We simply can't wait to hear what they come up with together," remarked Kim Jin-hong, head of LG's Global Marketing Center. "And a sincere thank you to everyone who participated – we witnessed such powerful talent and have no doubt that each and every musician that joined us in the Life's Good Music Project will continue to make the world a better place."

More information on the Life's Good campaign can be found on the LG Global YouTube channel ( and Instagram ( Find out more about the three amazing winners of the Life's Good Music Project with H.E.R. here (

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