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Non-Koreans urged to join 2020 #Play Korean Food video contest

The slogan of the competition is "#Play Korean Food" about the way people from various countries can enjoy Korean food in their daily lives despite the difficulty of going out due to COVID-19.


Anyone with a SNS channel (Youtube, Instagram) (except Koreans and dual citizenship holders) can participate in the contest.

The contest has two formats: 'cooking (cookbang)' of Korean food and 'eating (mukbang)'. Participants just need to create a video to join the contest.

After uploading the video fitting the contest field to your personal SNS channel (YouTube, Instagram), participants can submit the application form on the contest website (

As an online contest targeting a global audience, the contest attracts foreigners' participation by focusing on powerful influencers' promotion on social media.

The total prize money is USD 37,000. A total of 32 works (16 for each category) will be selected and presented online after summing up the views and likes of the video aside from a second evaluator screening.

The application period for the contest is from November 30 to December 6, and the official website provides support in seven languages. For more information, please visit the contest website (

Details on various events related to the contest will also be posted on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Korean Food Promotion Institute.

The head of the Korean Food Promotion Institute, Ven. Sunjae said, "Through this competition, you would be able to see a variety of Korean food that foreigners see. In addition, I look forward to a great festival of harmony in which various languages are united with Korean food."

SOURCES: Korean Food Promotion Institute; PRNewswire

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