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New humanity: Thinking of what's best for all rather than what's good for some

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRNewswire) -- In his latest book, The New Being: Preparing for the Emergence of a New Humanity, award-winning author and former University Lecturer, Dr. Joel Bryant, Ed.D. challenges conventional wisdom by rejecting claims of human nature's incorrigibility.

En route, he razes our systems (religion, racism and politics), revealing how each hinders our ability to build a more just society.

What results is a compelling sketch of a new being, one with instincts instilled by evolution and therefore contrary to contemporary ones.

Readers will learn how to align with evolution amicably while increasing their confidence and capacity. The effect defeats the sense of powerlessness characteristic contemporarily. Concerning evolution, Bryant writes,

Are you ready for the emergence of a new humanity?

"Evolution fails until we confront ourselves and the need to change. Change requires us to abandon our bias and serve what is highest in each. Life, after all, is mind-made before it is man-made. Unless this mind evolves, it will pervert forms and resist forces more beneficial. Many of these forms suppress rather than support evolution."

Bryant is also an award-winning Corporate Trainer with over 20 years of management experience, which explains why The New Being reads like part self-help book and part social critique. (He spent five years lecturing in the University of North Carolina-Charlotte's philosophy department, during which he authored numerous other books).

This blend births a convincing vision of a new humanity without, however, denying world history or contemporary reality. "History," Bryant asserts, "repeats until we replace tradition's prescriptions with evolution's imperatives."

According to Bryant, The New Being affirms what we feel instinctively about our ability to change ourselves and our society. Its claim is simple: Each of us has the capacity for immensity, expansion and transformation.

He also asserts we have dormant endowments and dimensions which, upon awakening, will free us from social fictions and their oppressive functions (e.g. gender roles, etc.) They will also help us change our narratives of human nature. Bryant brands these narratives anathema given the contemporary climate, politically especially, which is the book's most ambitious chapter.

"Politics' uses," he argues, "complex functions to preserve these fictions while justifying its rejection of vital forces. Unleashed, these forces will transform society."

The New Being is prescient, perceptive and prescriptive. It not only analyzes our narratives of human nature. It offers ways to change them also. In doing so, it will change the cultural conversation concerning human nature and the human condition.

For those wanting to know where the age is headed and what evolution is embedding, this book bellows!

Joel Bryant is the author of over 30 books, each of which examines themes of change, growth and greatness. He holds a BA in English from Guilford College, Advanced Certification in Professional and Applied Ethics along with an MA in Liberal Studies and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, both from UNC-Charlotte. He resides in Charlotte, NC.

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