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MORF Gallery gives peek into future of fine art

SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRNewswire) -- Ever wonder what the future of fine art will look like? MORF Gallery is ushering in art's next movement – with a futuristic online gallery showcasing paintings, sculptures and digital works by award-winning artists, created with breakthrough technologies.

Through this new gallery, viewers can discover the best of artistic excellence such as robots that paint with child-like spirit, photographs that transform into Dreamscapes, worlds of artistry inhabited with intelligent creatures, paintings that come to life, and gems of historic lost art.

MORF Gallery artist Pindar Van Arman's latest artwork, AI-Magined Faces, being painted by his robot using deep learning neural networks, artificial intelligence, feedback loops and computational creativity

Moreover, MORF Gallery is adding a new dimension to the gallery experience for fine art. Using a single "ArtStick" that plugs into your TV, a collector can transform the screen into a mind-expanding art gallery that takes collecting to a new level. Until now, it has been a challenge for digital artists to sell their work and for true collectors to buy with confidence electronically.

MORF Gallery digital artwork is encrypted, serialized and accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity from the artist. Through MORF, selected works can be shipped anywhere in the world. Some are even supported by canvas and digitization.

"We created a platform where artists are technologists, paintbrushes are algorithms, and canvases are transformed through pixels," said Scott Birnbaum, MORF Chief Executive Officer. "MORF Gallery offers premium collectors what very well may be today's most compelling way to invest in art of the future, initially featuring the works of five award-winning artists."

These artists include:

OXIA PALUS: Painted beneath Pablo Picasso's 1902 La Miséreuse accroupie lies a true hidden treasure. Working at the nexus of spectroscopy, artificial intelligence and art, Oxia Palus has brought to life what may be the most unusual piece of art history ever uncovered – an unforgettable slice of history that collectors can now acquire.

PINDAR VAN ARMAN: For 15 years, Pindar has been refining a set of robots to paint, using deep-learning neural networks, sophisticated artificial intelligence, feedback loops and a host of computational creativity. The Van Arman robots are able to make a surprising number of independent aesthetic decisions. Van Arman's art recently won first place in robotic art at

DANIEL AMBROSI: The Ambrosi Dreamscape Reveries are idyllic digital art experiences that immerse the viewer in resolutions up to 30,000 pixels wide. Zoom well beyond the best of what today's flagship TV screens can showcase. Discover wondrous, unimagined new worlds and port them to a personal Dreamscape experience.

KEVIN MACK: Oscar winner Kevin Mack creates awe-inspiring abstract art worlds, populated with intelligent artificial-life creatures. Mack's work is informed by neuroscience to inspire transcendent states of consciousness, and has been used in medical and therapeutic applications. Mack's virtual sculptures are so complex they can only be produced with the most sophisticated 3D printing technology. Mack's voyages into artificial-life and rule-based systems, which he used to create visual effects for the films, What Dreams May Come and Fight Club, inspired the development of tissue simulation software for virtual stem cell research.

STEVE MATSON: For Matson, movement and time largely define today's reality. For more than 30 years, this award-winning artist's passion has been to explore and create unimaginable perceptions. To form a single piece of art, Matson's complex process takes seven to eight months. It includes the use of traditional paints and brushes, new-age cinematography, digital visual effects, astounding animation and unforgettable sound. Since the viewer cannot anticipate what's coming next, Matson's art is shrouded in mystery. The moment of discovery launches what for many becomes a continuous journey of limitless synergy.

To access the transformative MORF Gallery, key into

SOURCES: MORF Gallery; PRNewswire

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