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Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong theme park reopens as it marks 1st year

HONG KONG (PRNewswire) -- Secured at the prestigious Peak Galleria, Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong, the first Monopoly-themed attraction officially authorized by legendary board game Monopoly will plan with the "Highest Standard" to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong had soon flourished as a "must visit" destination for local and foreign visitors soon since its grand opening on Oct. 26, 2019.

Due to the frustration, Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong had to face the challenge of an unprecedented pandemic (COVID-19) shortly after its opening.

With its reopening, Mr. Monopoly is working pro-actively with his staff, adopting the "Highest Standard" of safety precautions to minimize the risk of virus infection, to welcome visitors.

Nanometer level microbial contact-killing technology

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong deploys a high-tech nanometer level microbial-contact-killing technology and Japan Nano Super Protect Catalytic Coating as the venue's 24-hour interior and exterior sterilization solutions.

This microbial contact-killing technology boasts 99.99% effectiveness in killing bacteria, microbe, fungi and virus, and will also provide around the clock air purification, in order to create a clean environment with zero infection risk to working staff and visitors alike.

Social distancing

The venue is implementing stringent visitor traffic control measures including time & visitor number restrictions, to avoid congestion which may have cross-infection risk.

For instance, the popular 4DX Cinema strictly controls the number of visitors, and reserves appropriate social distance space, so that visitors can enjoy a safe and comfortable 4DX show with synchronized light, wind, mist, air current, bubbles, scent and smoke effects to pamper their sensation.

Cleaning, sterilization

One of the favorite venue highlights is the Monopoly Bank, where visitors and players can grab the Monopoly money notes flying from above inside a concealed glass compartment.

Players can exchange their "catch" for cash coupons afterwards, rendering this game spot's popularity on par with the 4DX Cinema.

The glass compartments will be sterilized every hour with nanometer technology degerming mist; every visitor has to wear protective spectacles to enter the gaming area; and spectacles are sterilized immediately after use, to reduce virus infection risks.


Mr. Monopoly has decided to disinfect all facilities in the venue every day before meeting with his fans.

To avoid cross infection, photo-shooting with body contact greetings (such as hugging) will be replaced by elbow contacts.

This exceptional arrangement is not Mr. Monopoly's general visitor-friendly style, and hope to have the visitors' kind understanding.

Health Status Declaration

Visitors are required to fill up their Health Status Declaration Forms when purchasing admission tickets, in order to make any case traceable.

Visitors are also required to pass the body temperature screening, rub their hands with disinfectant, and step on a sterilizing carpet before entering. Last but not least, they must wear masks throughout the whole journey.

Cleaning, disinfection procedures

The venue is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected one hour before opening and after closing every day, and different cleaning measures will be applied to all areas. And all staff are required to monitor their body temperature on a daily basis, wash hands before work, sterilized with alcoholic disinfectant every hour during work, and wear masks and disposable latex gloves during their work, to ensure visitors' satisfaction and peace of mind.

The world-famous board game Monopoly is entering its 85th anniversary in 2020. The Hong Kong venue has launched a year-long celebrative activity earlier this year, including Monopoly 85th Anniversary Hong Kong edition board game, Monopoly 85th Anniversary Golden Postbox and Postcards, Free Admission offer, as well as the tournaments for Monopoly 85th Anniversary World Championship Finals (initially scheduled to kick off in 2020 summer).

With the alleviation of the pandemic in Hong Kong, Mr. Monopoly is now prepared to welcome fans from all over the world to pitch in this exceptional global event, and with playful enjoyment throughout the year.

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong is the first Monopoly-themed attraction in the world, as well as a brand-new tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

It is located at the most popular tourist spot – the Peak, which is the most expensive title deed and the supreme "king of property" in the Monopoly Hong Kong Edition.

Monopoly classical elements like Train Station, Water Supply, Ultimate Banking will be ready to give visitors the best Monopoly experience.

For more details, please visit Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong official website:

Source: Monopoly Dreams; PRNewswire

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