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Maker of shoes from recycled plastic bottles looking for product testers worldwide

MIAMI (PRNewswire) -- "Sustainable, stylish, step into conscious comfort."

Bearing this vision in mind, VIVAIA focuses on creating a positive impact on both the environment and people.

Applying recycled materials, VIVAIA has established a zero-waste process for the ultimate combination of comfort and function.

By far, this brand has recycled over 150,000 plastic bottles from the ocean, and those plastics are chipped and extruded into the threads making up of the uppers. Now, all the shoes crafted out of waste have travelled around the world with VIVAIA's customers.

2020 has been a tough time, and at the end of this year, VIVAIA hopes to give support to its fans. It offers free trial of its new product series, which include more than 20 styles, to 200 testers all over the world.

For those selected testers, each one of them will receive one style of their favorite to try on. And in return, they shall post detailed reviews of the footwear they choose on their social media account for other users' reference and VIVAIA's future improvements.

VIVAIA has simplified the process to something close to minimalism. Applicants simply need to pick one style they wish to try on, fill out basic information including shipping address and the link to personal social media, and they may seize the chance to become a tester and receive a pair of VIVAIA's latest shoes, for free. Moreover, there will be 'Extra Bonus' as surprising gifts.

VIVAIA offers 3 collections for applicants to select in this free trial campaign: Aria, Tamia and Bella.

As an evergreen series of this green brand, Aria has been updated with more refreshing colors to brighten up every customer's daily outfits.

Tamia achieves a perfect collision of the classic and contemporary through its animal pattern and flattering silhouette.

Bella, as the newest release, is crafted into a rather composed hue with creatively added lace-ups, which make them an ideal choice for effortless chic.

As a newborn brand, VIVAIA has an adventurous nature to absorb and to grow. Sticking to the belief of sustainable fashion, VIVAIA launches this large-scale campaign to hear its customers' voices and reach for a better tomorrow of this beautiful planet.


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