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'I Hate Receipts' app eliminates need to save paper receipts

AUSTIN, Texas (PRNewswire) -- I Hate Receipts (IHR) launched an app that helps consumers access and understand their purchase data.

By uploading receipts into a secure, cloud-based "vault," shoppers can view important return, warranty and product information from their smartphone.

IHR employs OCR technology to decipher line-item receipt detail and then enables consumers to see and manage their purchase history through the app.

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Upon installing the app, consumers gain access to their personal vault. From there, they can snap a picture of a receipt or email it directly into their vault.

Within a few seconds, the receipt is accessible, with item-level detail. This feature also eases expense tracking by giving users the ability to categorize and tag items.

IHR's Contactless HD Receipt eliminates the need to handle or save paper receipts.

"We're unlocking purchase data in a whole new way for families, small business owners, and anyone who wants more control over their data," said Ryan Greene, Founder and CEO. "We call it the #ReceiptRevolution, and I am excited to launch our app today. IHR is making transaction data secure yet accessible, while enriching consumers and engaging merchants to improve the shopping experience whether it be in the store or online."

IHR is launching this app as a forever-free tool for consumers and it is available on iOS today and will be available for Android users later this month.

The company plans to supplement this offering with a paid, ad-free version later this year. In addition, IHR is partnering with retailers to use its Merchant & Brands Platform which enables them to offer targeted promotions through the app.

The IHR Marketing Platform also helps improve engagement with current and prospective customers before, during and after their shopping transaction.

I Hate Receipts gives everyone sovereignty over their own purchase data through secure, Contactless HD Receipts.

By using the IHR app, consumers can "skip the slip," better understand their purchase data and engage with merchants in a new way that extends a delightful shopping experience well beyond the transaction.

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