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Hamilton-Selway Fine Art collaborates with wildly prolific Mr. Brainwash

LOS ANGELES (PRNewswire) -- Hamilton-Selway Fine Art joins the ranks of Madonna, Banksy, and even the Pope, in diving into their own collaboration with Contemporary Art's enfant terrible, the incredibly talented, wildly prolific Mr. Brainwash.

The gallery joyfully taps into its Hollywood roots in offering an exclusive edition of the artist's prints and original works on canvas celebrating Wonder Woman in conjunction with the Warner Brothers and DC Comics Extended Universe premiere of Wonder Woman 1984.

Created during World War II in the early embers of second wave feminism, Wonder Woman's character was made to actively undo the damsel in distress trope, and to relieve Americans looking for a different kind of champion.

Her return in the present moment follows recent powerful social shifts and is widely acknowledged for providing people, especially young women and girls, with a renewed sense of hope and personal empowerment.

Mr. Brainwash taps into both eras in his representation, blending the Ben-Day Dots of Lichtenstein and 60s comic book printing with the wild calligraphic gesture and drips of contemporary street artists, all made perfectly cohesive through the layered precision of commercial graphic design.

The works are bright, bold, and explosive, yet refined — the perfect piece of art to celebrate the radical power of Wonder Woman breaking into the male dominated comic book world in the 60s, and her reemergence into the public imagination when we are, yet again, so in need of such a hero.

Mr. Brainwash's Shero is a small edition of only 84 prints ($1800 each pre-release, $1950 after December 25th) and five hand-embellished silkscreen on canvas ($12,000).

SOURCES: Hamilton-Selway Fine Art; PRNewswire

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