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Germany-based photographer wins global #BEOPENBetterWay challenge

LONDON (PRNewswire) -- BE OPEN, a creative think-tank founded by the international entrepreneur and philanthropist Elena Baturina, announced the winner of #BEOPENBetterWay, a creative open call across social media.

BE OPEN believes that the ability for creative interpretation is not confined within the art and design industry.

The online challenges reached out to creative minds around the globe who keep their eyes open, see inspiration in the everyday life, and are able to transform it with their own unique vision.

'BEOPEN Better Way' has been dedicated to promoting sustainable and responsible consumption, reusing and recycling all types of waste.

This is BE OPEN's second open call inspired by the UN's SDGs devoted to responsible consumption and production.

It looks for everyday solutions to reduce our ecological footprint by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources. 

Mass consumption and – as a consequence – mass disposal are a global social scourge.

With mass production being one of the pillars of the present day economy, people have become used to living in a society of "single-use everything."

However, throwing away is not the only way. There are instinctive, environmental and aesthetic reasons for switching to zero waste philosophy, and creatives are a very big part of this process.

From composting for private gardens to art works made of salvaged materials and to ingenuous product design giving new life to old things, there is always a better way other than simply discarding objects.

BE OPEN praised everyone who sent visuals that reflect this topic via Instagram with the #BEOPENBetterWay hashtag, as a way to celebrate people's ability to creatively interpret the reality around them.

BE OPEN Community members have selected the winning post from a shortlist of submissions with the highest number of likes by Instagram users.

The €300 prize went to Liliana Nicolae, a photographer from Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, for the visual of a café sign made of discarded water pipes and fittings.

SOURCES: BE OPEN Foundation; PRNewswire

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