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Former NFL Raiders team chaplain writes three children's books

SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRNewswire) -- Author and former NFL Raiders team chaplain Adam Ybarra continues to inspire hope, courage and mental health with the release of three children's books.

"Alex The Hippo" is an inspiring three-book series introducing: "Brave and Courageous;" "Friends and Feelings," and "Manners and Etiquette."

Each book helps boost purposeful conversations to strengthen social and emotional learning. Psychologists are suggesting online distance learning may have repercussions on a child's long-term academic, mental, and economic well-being.

A remedy from ill-effects of remote learning is reading an adventurous and interactive book with a parent. When parents spend quality time with their children it plays a big part in helping overcome frustrations, anxieties, and trauma.

Equally, reading develops and nourishes a child's imagination, self-confidence and positive thinking.

"Alex The Hippo" are engaging illustrative books for children aged 3+ with positive themes and relevance.

Why a Hippo? Hippos are social. Young hippos continue to stay nearby its mother until fully grown. Adult hippos teach their young many important things such how to defend themselves.

"Alex The Hippo" books are now available. Readers can purchase signed copies online at

About the author

Adam Ybarra is a native of San Jose, CA. He was the team chaplain for the Oakland Raiders for 12 seasons. He founded non-profit The Tenacious Group to empower students with academic resources.

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