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Dunn-Edwards design trends for 2021: Authenticity, balance, simplicity, connection, joy

LOS ANGELES (PRNewswire) -- Providing valuable insight about how our fast-moving world affects which colors and designs we choose to surround us, Dunn-Edwards Paints recently released its much-anticipated 2021 Color + Design Report, "An Exhibition of Color." 

In creating this annual report, Dunn-Edwards Color Expert & Stylist, Sara McLean, identified and analyzed the dynamics that shape our lives – from global and regional events, to nature and technology, to history and pop culture, to food and fashion.

While these trends may seem complicated, if not contradictory at times, they reflect the wide range of emotions we've experienced this year, as well as our collective hope for the future.

The five trends for 2021 speak to our need for authenticity, balance, simplicity, connection, mystery, creativity and – yes – even joy and gratitude.

Trend 1: Querencia

A place where one feels at home, rooted in the cultures and traditions of the regional melting pot known as Southwestern Europe. Think Sardinia, Portugal, Spain. Subtle, simple living surrounded by the authenticity of these historic regions — craftsmanship; cuisine; and, of course, warmth and charm.

Trend 2: Solibre

A new take on protecting and nurturing our Earth. Here, sustainability, creativity and technology converge, nurtured by the symbiosis of nature and indigenous cultures. Sun-kissed oceanic vibes, verdant botanicals and tribal lore inspire dreamlike landscapes that re-energize our connection to Mother Earth.

Trend 3: Hanabi

Spontaneous, inclusive and community, Hanabi (Japanese for "fireworks") is inspired by the spirit and ingenuity of childhood. Hanabi fosters cross-generational coexistence and collaboration in pursuit of creating solutions for the challenges ahead. Go ahead, color outside the lines.

Trend 4: Lagom

In Swedish, Lagom signifies "not too little, not too much," — taking the time to connect with others in real life, slowing down and finding balance — an apt concept in today's over-connected world. Discovering timeless icons of global history, classical literature and Greco-Roman mythology, Lagom renews our appreciation of art and beauty.

Trend 5: Moonwake

This trend speaks to our inherent need to connect. Romantic, verdant and dark, with fantastical forest themes, this trend is inspired by the growing popularity of fortune tellers and psychics. The mood is wholly nocturnal, accentuated by shimmering tones, shadowy florals and organic.

Dunn-Edwards x Lamps Plus

Launched on October 1, 2020, Dunn-Edwards is also partnering with Lamps Plus on a limited-edition collection of color-focused lighting based on Dunn-Edwards 2021 Color + Design Trends. The lighting and home décor items from the Color Plus line feature five key 2021 Trends hues: Wild Blue Yonder (DE5855), Marigold (DE5291), Burnt Almond (DE5258), Flower Stem (DE5605), and Rustique (DE5149).

This collection is on sale via Lamps Plus through the end of 2020.

2021 Colors While greens dominated 2020, warm oranges in clay, rust and sunset hues, as well as yellows in both light pastels and vivid brights, are positioned to take command in 2021.

Blue-greens and aquas continue to trend due to their connection to sustainability and water resources. Blue is a key color for 2021, with chambray and navy blues symbolizing quiet resolve and thoughtfulness. Navy is the new black when it comes to creating elegant and contemporary spaces.

Lighter greens move to stronger, saturated spearmint hues; grass, lettuce and spring greens, along with chartreuse, will surge; and organic, atmospheric designs will feature grayish-greens.

Purples continue to grow in popularity, moving to deeper, more mysterious hues ranging from magenta to dusty mauve, as well as more intense shades of lilac.

2021 reds are significantly influenced by oranges such as chili, fire and spice, creating hues that are both adventurous and grounding. Deeper reds, including Bordeaux and oxblood, add confidence to dramatic palettes, which are trending again.

An indispensable color, brown runs the gamut – from beige and taupe, to caramel and deep chocolate – highlighted by hints of gray and yellow.

Grays are back in 2021, providing warm and cement tones for balance. Blacks continue to move forward and will be seen in more palettes in the future, while whites embrace a raw and warm feel, giving the impression of unprocessed, natural products.

View 2021 Color and Design Trend palettes and videos here.

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SOURCES: Dunn-Edwards; PRNewswire

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