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'The Untold Story:' Documentary features 42,000 COVID-19 frontliners in Wuhan, China

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

BEIJING (PRNewswire) -- Taking photos for some 42,000 medical workers fighting COVID-19 in Wuhan is a phenomenal project that Li Ge never did before.

With over 20 years' experience, the photojournalistic went to Wuhan with a photographers' team, capturing the portraits of medical workers within 40 days.

"I got softer and fragile talking to these frontline workers," Li said. "I cried almost every day as I witnessed what they had been doing."

Even to a veteran like Li who has experienced in various hear-striking scenes throughout his career, this project, the first ever of this kind in China, is an unprecedented one.

During the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 40,000 medical workers from across China headed to the epicenter to assist with COVID-19 treatment. They did not only help ease the shortage of local medical workers, but brought plenty of protective gears in need.

This short documentary was filmed in May, produced by China Matters. It tells stories of how photographer Li Ge and his team conducted the project of documenting medical workers on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 in Wuhan.

SOURCES: China Matters; PRNewswire

Photo by from Pexels

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