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MUNICH (PRNewswire) -- Now live on, users will find a free customizable coloring book available for download and home printing (

This recent update serves as an addition to the vast collection of themed coloring pages already available on the website. 

The customizable coloring book tells the story of a child who visits their grandparents on a farm. The tale follows the main character through adventure, mishaps, and triumphs as they help grandma and grandpa tend to the animals and do daily chores.

The book can be personalized for an individual child by selecting the main character's gender, hairstyle, clothing, and facial features.

Users can also provide a name for the main character, making the story a truly unique and individual surprise sure to ignite the imagination of any child.

The coloring book's simple line drawings are playful and inviting, appropriate for a variety of ages.

The new coloring book comes just in time for autumn, as days shorten and grow colder and time is increasingly spent indoors.

Combat cabin fever by browsing, which also offers a wide variety of themed coloring pages for download and printing. Themes include animals, vehicles, fairy tales, and more.

There are also adult coloring options available such as mandalas (

Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

Coloring provides a number of benefits to both children and adults. In children, it has been known to promote the development of fine motor skills while stimulating creativity.

For adults, coloring is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus. No matter your age, coloring can be both fun and beneficial!

About, a division of happycolorz GmbH, is an online platform that provides users with free printable coloring sheets and customizable coloring books for download. also offers traditional coloring books for purchase online. 

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