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Chef and former Swiss Guard David Geisser releases 'Vatican Christmas Cookbook'

LOS ANGELES (PRNewswire) -- The highly anticipated "The Vatican Christmas Cookbook" by former Swiss Guard and acclaimed chef David Geisser, has been released in time for a memorable holiday cooking season.

"The Vatican Christmas Cookbook" is Geisser's sequel to the bestselling "The Vatican Cookbook," a media favorite celebrated by outlets People Magazine to Food and Wine and well-summarized by NPR: "It's hard not to be enchanted by the book's charming earnestness — more of a community cookbook sensibility." 

Continuing in that same spirit, Geissera leader of the new wave of European chefs, offers more than 70 new recipes in "The Vatican Christmas Cookbook," some from his days in the Guard, many new versions of Christmas classics and more fresh innovations which are meant to be enjoyed at Christmas and any time of year. 

Readers will discover dishes such as Filet Mignon with Racy Pepper Sauce, Linguine Carbonara, Muggi's Mincemeat (a generations-old recipe from David's grandma, Muggi) Swiss Fondue and Salmon Club Sandwich to name just a few, plus all the side dishes, desserts and cookies. Simply put: David Geisser at his holiday best.

The Vatican Christmas Cookbook is compiled by Geisser and co-author Thomas Kelly, who provides true stories, the history, and the legends of Christmas at the Vatican and beyond.  

Together Geisser and Kelly offer a culinary experience for all five senses with ambitious intention.

For those who love Christmas, the joy of cooking, the wonder of fine art and storied history, this perfect gift scales well-beyond a regular cookbook. 

SOURCES: The Vatican Christmas Cookbook; PRNewswire

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