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Business Worldwide Magazine names 20 most innovative companies

LONDON (PRNewswire) -- Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) has revealed the winners of its "20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2020" Award.

Now in its second year, the award is a celebration of companies around the globe which have shown themselves to be trailblazers in their particular sector.

This could be in the form of producing a revolutionary new product, supplying an unusual service concept or even embarking on a never-tried-before marketing strategy.

Regardless of which category their innovation fell into, its uniqueness is what brought the company to the attention of the BWM judging panel.

Sectors represented in these Awards were many and included IT, e-commerce, finance and pharmaceuticals.

BWM spokesman Robert Weinberg said: "The judging panel had a fascinating time looking through the nominations for this Innovation Award.

"In fact, we never failed to be impressed at the unique ways digital technology in particular in being deployed to make life so much easier, simpler and less expensive for millions of people around the globe.

"Having said that, it wasn't just technology companies that caught our eye. Innovation, of course, goes on in all industries and sectors. We believe we have our fair share of those cutting-edge companies in our Awards.

"Finally, can I just say congratulations to all the companies who made both our short and long lists. We only wish we had more than 20 Awards to give out. Certainly, we wouldn't have any difficulty filling twice that number of companies to fill the Awards."

A list of the winners of the 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2020 Awards can be found at

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