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Book Crossing Festival 2020: 10,000 'disinfected' books exchanged in Hong Kong fair

HONG KONG (PRNewswire) --  Youth Square "Book Crossing Festival 2020" has been held from November 6 to 8 at Y Studio and Y Platform in Hong Kong.

The three-day festival has attracted more than 1,000 participants and over 10,000 books have been exchanged over the festival.

"Book Crossing Festival" is an annual event organized by Youth Square, which aims to provide a platform for enhancing cultural exchange and fostering reading habits among youth.

"Book Crossing Festival" does not only promote environmental protection but also allows books to get new life.

In view of the pandemic, Youth Square has introduced two 'Book Sterilizers' at Y Studio which can disinfect six books in 30 seconds.

The festival has also required all participants to make advance reservation online and observe social distancing measures, to provide a safe environment for reading.

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Four sessions of handicraft workshops have also been conducted during the Youth Square 'Book Crossing Festival 2020', including "Notebook DIY Workshop" and "Hand-bound Mini Book DIY Workshop.".

Participants learned how to make a unique hand-made book in the workshops.

"This is my first time to make a hand-made book, I had fun during the production process! Thanks for organizing handicraft workshops in Book Crossing Festival 2020 so that I can have the opportunity to produce a unique book of my own!' said Ms. Chan, a participant of handicraft workshop.

Meanwhile, during the "Celebrity Books" session, participants had the chance to get a celebrity book by answering simple questions. "Book Crossing Festival" 'Book Crossing Festival' is an annual event organized by Youth Square.

Marking the 10th year of the festival since 2011, it aims to provide a reading platform for enhancing cultural exchange and fostering reading habits among youth.

During the festival, participants can exchange books by adopting 'place one, pick one' approach, and public who do not have books for sharing are also welcome to enjoy reading in the festival. Workshops are also available in the festival and all are welcome to join.

Youth Square The Youth Square, which came into full operation in 2010, is a youth development project of the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government, with an aim to be the hub of diversified youth development activities for youth to develop their potential.

Youth Square facilities include the 643-seat Y Theatre, Y Studio, multi-function areas and the Y Loft which has 148 guest rooms. Youth Square has been conducting events under three themes, include "Music & Dance", "Arts & Culture" and "Community Engagement".

Approaching the 10-year mark, Youth Square has been holding over 11,000 youth events and served for more than 5 million participants.

SOURCES: Youth Square, Y Loft, New World Facilities Management Company Limited; PRNewswire

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