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Award-winning short film 'Before Sunrise' inspires hope amid pandemic

TYLER, Texas (PRNewswire) -- At a time when self-isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of so many people, award-winning short film Before Sunrise brings a message of love and joy, proving that distance doesn't have to mean separation.

Filmed at Lake Palestine in East Texas on June 5, where the location's beautiful sunrises inspire both imagination and a pronounced gratitude for life, and inside the home of the film's creator Julia L. Rosengren, Before Sunrise encourages people not to lose faith in the love that defines us all.

Available to watch on YouTube on União Gaia's channel, Before Sunrise has, at the time of this writing, garnered more than 100,000 views in just over two months.


The Characters, all played by Julia L. Rosengren

Additionally, Before Sunrise is a true product of the social effects on creative life in the age of COVID-19. Shot on a single iPhone, the film showcases Rosengren in five roles: as herself, Sofia, Maria, Selena, and Charlotte.

Before Sunrise was also directed by Rogerio Takashi and written by Helena Riul, who worked on the film entirely remotely from Brazil. All communications regarding direction and production were done digitally.

"During these dark moments, when too many of us are separated from our family and dearest friends, Before Sunrise provides a positive message that just because we're physically distant, it doesn't have to mean that we're alone and isolated from our loved ones," said Rosengren.

"Before Sunrise also represents the talent and goodwill of everyone involved as we had to overcome the difficulties and restrictions that were placed on us, proving that we didn't have to be in the same physical space to produce a film that truly touches and moves people."

Before Sunrise has won numerous awards, including Best Short Film at the L'Age D'Or International Arthouse Film Festival, the Gold Award for Short Film at the Hollywood Gold Awards, Best Short Film at the Best Shorts Competition, the Best Short Film (Outstanding Achievement Award) and the Best Experimental Film Award at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, the Best Color Grading Award by Redwood Shorts & Scripts, and the Best Mobile Short Film Award at the Port Blair International Film Festival.

The film has also been a finalist for a number of other awards. In addition, Rosengren won Best Actress at the Hollywood International Golden Age Festival.

About Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise is a ground-breaking and an award-winning short film about a woman who reaches out to her dearest friends across the world to share a message of love and joy during the self-isolation brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic, proving that distance doesn't have to mean separation.

Before Sunrise was created by Julia L. Rosengren, who played the role of five characters in the film as well. It was also directed by Rogerio Takashi and written by Helena Riul, who both worked on the project remotely from Brazil. Before Sunrise is available to watch on YouTube on União Gaia's channel.

SOURCES: Julia L. Rosengren; PRNewswire

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