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Artist's abstract paintings document her victory over lupus

PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. (PRNewswire) -- A new collection of 11 abstract paintings will document the incredible fight -- and eventual victory -- of an artist over the autoimmune disease lupus.

Into the Myst: A Journey of Just Being, by Annessa Y. Morrison, tells the story of seeing the light through physical pain, and illustrates the life-changing impact of art on the artist's health.

Rich in texture and color, the paintings in Into the Myst illuminate any room in which they are displayed.

Their abstract shapes and whirlwinds of color instantly capture the imagination; further inspired by personal experiences, like Morrison bonding with her daughter, the paintings evoke a sense of uplifting joy.

For years Lupus made Morrison so physically sick she was unable to move for more than 30 minutes a day.

She was also forced to give up painting -- something she had done since she was a child. In 2012, following a chance visit to an Impressionist exhibition at the Denver Art Museum she suddenly felt her symptoms ease.

This prompted a change of lifestyle to combat her disease and, a return to her love of painting.

Bounty, one of the largest paintings in the collection at 48 x 60 in, captures perfectly this energy.

Inspired by Morrison's gratitude for the goodness of her life, Bounty is an explosion of color, where cloud-like formations float through bright pastel shades.

The painting conveys such dynamic movement the scenery seems about to escape the limit of the canvas.

Other works like Slip Stream (16 x 20 in) present more intimate, abstract scenes of deep rich purple and midnight blue. Pops of blue and red recall light streaming through a stained glass window, while Morrison's use of light brushstrokes and pale shades pull the gaze in and create depth.

Like many works in the collection, Slip Stream is a beautiful example of Morrison's energetic technique, and of her love of color and texture.

Beyond a simple collection of abstract works of art, Into the Myst is a celebration of self-victory, and an invitation to notice the sparks of beauty that are present in each day.

Morrison commented on the collection: "Art can be so powerful. The best part of my work is that it heals more than just myself — I really believe looking at my paintings heals the viewer. It healed my own Lupus. Into the Myst is a very personal collection of works and I am delighted to be presenting them to the public."

Born in San Jose, CA in 1968, Morrison initially explored her interest in graphic arts through the Art Institute of Colorado and Platt College, CO before focusing back to her first love of painting.

Her work has been widely exhibited in group exhibitions including San Francisco and several shows at 'Tis Art Center & Gallery, and the Mountain Artists Guild in Prescott, AZ.

She has also been featured in publications like Apricity (the University of Texas at Austin's official literary and arts magazine) and the book Strong Women Art Anthology by Pamela Drapala (2018).

Morrison lives and works in Prescott Valley, AZ. Into the Myst, follows her very popular exhibition of industrial abstract acrylic paintings.

Into the Myst: A Journey of Just Being comprises 11 original paintings (acrylic wash on canvas); the works are also available as high-end reproductions.

SOURCES: Annessa Y. Morrison; PRNewswire

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