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Art books for #Paintita: Awesome finds at Art Bar

Many have become #Plantitos or #Plantitas who developed a love for gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I chose to become a #Paintita who turned to painting. Actually, before news about the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2019, I already decided to take up art and painting.

Last year, I joined art workshops at Art Bar and hired award-winning artist Marisa Johnson for private art lessons. This year, I enrolled in online watercolor classes such as: "Modern Art and Ideas" (Museum of Modern Art-New York); "Fashion as Design" (MoMA-New York), and "Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Art" (by professional artist Jill Poyerd).

'Pray and Paint Sundays'

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I always looked forward to going to Art Bar with my husband Riz every Sunday after Mass. "Pray and Paint Sundays." I bought paints, brushes, paper, and other supplies so that I could practice my skills in painting at home.

This year, due to community quarantine protocols, I mostly stayed at home -- working and studying from home -- and only stepping out a few times. These rare "adventures" outside included going to church for Mass; the supermarket for groceries, and Art Bar for art supplies.

What a blessing it is that Art Bar put great art books on sale this week.

Here are some of the awesome books that Riz and I bought at Art Bar...

Art Bar Studio

At Art Bar Studio last year, my favorite class was "Learning How to See" by artist and UP Fine Arts graduate Rinne Abrugena.

Ms. Abrugena said art is something that we could take up at any stage of our lives. She taught the basics -- both the theoretical and practical sides of art, and helped us realize that by constantly refining our works, we can produce beautiful works of art.

Ms. Johnson was an artist and art teacher in Korea for many years. When she moved back to the Philippines, she also taught at Art Bar Studio. But I requested her for private watercolor lessons at home before the pandemic because I felt that I would learn more from one-on-one instruction.

I did learn valuable lessons from Ms. Johnson -- practical tips for an art beginner such as: how to set up my art station; what makes watercolor art both difficult and exciting to master; what painting strokes to use for different art projects; how much water to use, and what ideal paper (Arches) and paints and brushes to use (Sennelier).

I hope that by constantly studying and practicing, I can hone my skill in painting and produce beautiful works of art.

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