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Acclaimed muralist joins Artful Harvest initiative to help serve 160,000 meals

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of the seasonal harvest of the olive, Santa Barbara's Bel Lavoro Olive Orchards, home to CUT1886 Olive Oil, launches its new creative initiative, Artful Harvest.

First in the series of original art is a limited edition, artist-signed print (only 100) created by acclaimed muralist, and painter, Eric Junker.

Featuring Junker's distinctive style of bold design and color the print highlights the olive branch and the dove that for Junker, signify a sense of hope.

In conjunction with the sale of the 18"X24" original print that includes two bottles of CUT1886 Olive Oil, ($75 including shipping), Bel Lavoro Orchards/CUT1886 Olive Oil is donating 100% of sales of the print to the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, and will add to that bounty by making a total donation of $20,000 that will directly provide 160,000 meals for those in need.

Artist Eric Junker

Eric Junker, a Silverlake, Calif., based artist has recently gained notoriety for his murals and posters focusing on current social issues and the cultural happenings taking place in our society.

"When I was approached by Bel Lavoro to create the first art piece for their Artful Harvest series, I was inspired by their dedication to their land and the products that are grown there, and their desire to  help people who are truly in need," explains Junker.

"We are only producing 100 prints and I'll sign each of them. The donation that is being made in conjunction with the sales will make a huge difference in the community."

"Bel Lavoro is truly a special place and we are fortunate to harvest the land and collect the bounty of olives that grow in our orchard," notes Kimberly Branum, owner and founder of Bel Lavoro/CUT1886 Olive Oil.

"It's important to my family that we celebrate by giving back to communities and programs in need, and we created the idea of the Artful Harvest to raise money and awareness for organizations like the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. Additionally, we couldn't be more excited to share Eric Junker's talent and vision. He has created a true work of art that we know will launch our Artful Harvest series in a meaningful and beautiful way," she said.

SOURCES: Bel Lavoro-CUT1886; PRNewswire

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