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Virtual art gallery SOLÈNE launches to the public

LONDON (PRNewswire) -- SOLÈNE, a virtual art gallery curated by art dealer and interior designer Solène Boyer, is launching this November with its first collection.

Founded on the philosophy 'living well with art', SOLÈNE uses an innovative software tool to enable buyers to visualize any piece of art in their own space before purchasing. Anyone can upload a picture, drag and drop a piece of art into position, and see how the art would look.

SOLÈNE, a virtual art gallery with social impact at its heart, launches to the public

The gallery is also launching a foundation dedicated to arts education. The SOLÈNE Foundation has been set up with the aim of ensuring that art addresses the essential messages about beauty, love, nature and animal extinction, so the issues reach a new audience.

From each piece of art sold and project undertaken, SOLÈNE, the collaborative galleries and artists will invest 5% into interactive educational programs specifically designed for children.

Stéphanie Dendura, Artist Agent and Representative of Stéphane de Bourgies and Hopare, said: “Solène’s curated platform is a place of exchange based on sharing and the relationship between the artist and collectors. It offers the artists an international dimension which is very important in developing their careers.”

Each piece of the collection is handpicked by founder Solène Boyer and consists of both established and emerging artists.

Solène Boyer, Founder of SOLÈNE, adds: "I am a dedicated art lover that believes in the emotional connection with art. Because of the pandemic, it is difficult to engage, and I hope this hybrid gallery will help art lovers with this issue."

"I want to ensure that, despite the barriers, the messages that inspired these artists to create works are not lost. This is also the goal of the Foundation, making art more accessible via interactive, multimedia videos aimed at children," she said.

SOLÈNE's launch on November 18 will include paintings, photography, installations and sculpture from both established and emerging artists including Hideoki Hagiwara, Stephane de Bourgies, Shuster + Moseley, Carolina Mazzolari, and Julian Marshall, with works ranging from £900 to £150,000.

It also offers a bespoke in-person curation service for individuals and businesses at Boyer's London Home, where many of the collection's pieces are exhibited. Boyer can also facilitate exclusive access to galleries, agents, curators, interior designers and architects in London and around the world.


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