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'The Shi Show' to feature mental health benefits of knitting, crafting

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

CARLSTADT, N.J., (PRNewswire) -- Lion Brand Yarn Company, a leading supplier of premium knitting and craft yarn, will be putting a major focus on mental health awareness in 2021, starting with its increasingly popular Facebook Live show.

Throughout the month of January, Lion Brand Ambassador and #HatNotHate Founder Shira Blumenthal will highlight on her daily web series, The Shi Show, the mental health benefits of knitting, crocheting and crafting. The messaging will reflect Lion Brand's ongoing commitment to creating a more colorful, connected, comforting and giving world.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

The Shi Show began as an opportunity to connect the global crafting community during the pandemic, and the new daily focus will be one of many ways Lion Brand will be elevating mental health awareness after an incredibly challenging year.

"Ever since we started The Shi Show our mission has been to comfort people through crafting during a year of uncertainty and isolation," said Blumenthal. "And at a time when we're all thinking about resolutions and how to start the new year with a fresh outlook, we're excited to give some much needed attention to mental health and its connection to knitting and crocheting."

Studies show that participants in virtual knitting communities, such as The Shi Show, experience greater happiness and enjoy stronger social engagement with others.

During January's events, Blumenthal will discuss how everyone from lifelong knitting enthusiasts to first-time crocheters can tap into the mental health boosting benefits of this time-tested hobby, including diminished intensity of negative thoughts and an enhanced sense of calm, improved self-esteem, reduced depression and increased well-being.

SOURCES: Lion Brand Yarn Company; PRNewswire

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