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Talk2Santaclaus now doing virtual visits

NORTH POLE (PRNewswire) -- Families are concerned with today's social health issues, especially about COVID 19.

The holiday season is on the horizon but the reality is that there will not be any Santa Claus in the malls, community centers, or Christmas events this year.

That's why lifelong entertainer Scott Rousseau has put together Talk2santaclaus, a website that will appeal to families who still want to celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus.

Scott has played Santa Claus for the past five years and is experienced in working with children.

His history includes jobs as a youth pastor, school bus driver, volunteer youth coordinator and all around big kid.

Kids love the wonder of Christmas. With today's technology, parents can give their children the magic of a visit with Santa in the privacy of their own homes.

Visit to schedule a child's personal time with Santa Claus.

Do it from the safety of your home with a special experience your child will never forget. You can record your Santa Claus session for your personal memories. What can be more fun than a video chat time with Santa Claus.

SOURCES: Talk 2 Santa Claus, PRNewswire

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