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Sustainable vegan sneakers touted as 'world's most versatile shoes'

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (PRNewswire) -- Patrick Hogan, a veteran American footwear designer for some of the largest global footwear brands, has long had a passion for shoes.

But, on vacation in 2018, not wanting to wear sandals all day or carry around extra sneakers, he decided it was time to turn the shoe industry on its head.

Knowing firsthand how wasteful, polluting and energy-consuming the footwear industry could be to the environment, Hogan reimagined an innovative multi-purpose sneaker made entirely of sustainable materials.

The sustainable ALL-DAI is an all-in-one sneaker/sandal/mule touted as the "world's most versatile shoe."

It is the first product launched by Hogan's new plant-based footwear brand Munjoi – whose name is inspired by the Munjoy Hill neighborhood in Portland, Maine.

Taking sustainable vegan sneakers to another level, the ALL-DAI is designed to transform in one easy step between a sneaker, sandal slide, backless mule or open-toe sneaker.

The shoe is made of all plant-based materials, including hemp, algae, sugar cane and cotton.

"It took me more than two years to develop a comfortable, stylish, sustainable shoe that gave people multiple footwear options at the ready," Hogan says. "Focusing on thoughtful design and materials, my goal was to give consumers a more versatile, eco-friendly shoe they'd really want to wear."

The ALL-DAI, uses a unique blend of cotton and hemp for the shoe's knitted upper portion. The foam bottom cushioning is made from BLOOM, the world's first algae-blended EVA, combined with sugar cane, to help reduce the foam's carbon footprint.

"It's a slide on the beach and a sneaker in the streets," Hogan says. "It's also a sustainable solution to reduce the need to overconsume."

Limited time pre-orders for the ALL-DAI opened on October 27 on the Munjoi website at

To stay up to date on new product release information or to learn more about wholesale opportunities, visit the website at

SOURCES: Munjoi; PRNewswire

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