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'Starsky and Hutch' actor David Soul releases new short film

CHICO, Calif. (PRNewswire) -- Actor, director and musician David Soul, co-star of the iconic 1970s television series "Starsky and Hutch" has created and directed a short film/documentary called "America," based on a song of the same name.

The song, written by Jack Murphy and recorded by David 40 years ago, was never released - until now.

Starsky and Hutch actor David Soul's Official Trailer for his film AMERICA

David's not-for-profit film, produced by Me and Thee Productions, is available free across all social media.

It reveals America's story as illustrated in the song's lyrics -- from her slave-trading beginnings in 1619, through the years of the Civil Rights struggles, to the inspirational, global, and long-overdue Black Lives Matter movement. 

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

America, the film, is a reminder of the uniqueness of the country. America's uniqueness actually lies in the people's immeasurable compassion and love, as well as their undaunting willingness to learn from the past and rise above differences.

The film, at times graphic and challenging, is not always easy to watch but it serves to embrace the collective heart and soul of America's diversity.

David Soul's America is a reminder that Americans must unite together on "the Yellow Brick Road" and continue to journey in form "a more perfect union;" in essence, to ensure that the promises of equality and justice for all Americans, enshrined within the United States Constitution, are finally realized.

To view America, visit

SOURCES: Me and Thee Productions; PR Newswire

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