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Santa to visit US families via video call starting Nov. 6

NORTH POLE (PRNewswire) -- Cherry Hill Programs shares a special holiday message straight from the North Pole:

Hello out there big wide world!

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a total sleigh wreck of a year! Even though most of us would like to forget it and move on, we at least have a chance to make this Christmas one to remember and cherish.

Here at the North Pole, we Elves believe we can save the rest of this year if we can just convince Santa to start Christmas early!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

We know that if together we unite in Christmas cheer, we can start sharing the magic early and start celebrating our favorite holiday traditions right now with children and families everywhere.

That's right! We want Christmas NOW and we want it to STAY, but only if you want that, too, of course!  Let's get Santa to saddle up his reindeer and start sprinkling the magic and wonder of Christmas TODAY!

You can help us give Santa's sleigh the push it needs by signing our most urgent Elven Petition. 2020 deserves an early start to Christmas; something more joyful and more special than we've seen ever before, but we need your help to spring Santa into action... 

PRNewsfoto/Cherry Hill Programs

This is our chance to turn every resting grinch face into a warm cocoa and cookies smile, so reach out to someone special in your life and encourage them to sign this petition today.

Treasured holiday memories shouldn't have to wait! We'll make sure Santa sees all of your signatures, because that's what we do! We're elves...we make things happen! 

With sugar and spice, your friends in the North Pole,

Santa's Elves

Cherry Hill Programs has brought Santa to children and families across the U.S. for 60 years, and has recently brought the latest HD video call technology to the North Pole to allow for Santa to visit families across the U.S. via video calls.

Best of all, this means that Santa can connect with you and your family starting November 6th! Learn more at

Let's "Create Holiday Magic" together

SOURCES: Cherry Hill Programs;

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