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Retired baseball player Micah Johnson's digital artwork sells for $120K

SAN FRANCISCO (PRNewswire) -- Async Art celebrates another record-breaking sale of digital NFT (non-fungible token) artwork from retired baseball player Micah Johnson.

The artwork, "ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē," (pronounced "sovereignty"), seeks to empower two African American kids who had a rough start in life.

On each of the boy's birthday, this special QR code appears over the entire artwork which users can scan to donate to a bitcoin wallet. (PRNewswire)

Bitcoin donations on their respective birthdays were embedded within the artwork.

Since launching in February 2020, Async Art saw several triple digit art sales on their platform.

Johnson's artwork is one of the highest sold single NFT artwork at $120K, the previous being "Block 21" (bundled with a physical artwork) which sold at Christie's for $130K and Matt Kane's "Right Place & Right Time" at $100K.

The bidding for "ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē" kicked off at $70K, an amount most digital artists only dream of reaching, and was sold to a private collector last Friday night.

"The mission of this work started by simply wanting to empower them by letting them see themselves in high art but quickly turned into one of the most impactful use cases for Bitcoin and blockchain technology the world has ever seen. Through the technological vision of Async Art, society will be able to directly impact lives like never before," said Johnson.

Every year on the boys' birthdays, the artwork is programmed to display a QR code that links to a bitcoin wallet.

A global audience can now celebrate Jacque and Rayden's birthdays on November 6th and August 10th, as well as donate in confidence that 100% of the wallet will be turned over to the boys.

With every year's donation, the door between the kids and the astronaut will slowly open, signaling that they are one step closer to achieving their dreams.

Upon turning eighteen, the children will permanently disappear from the digital artwork- signaling that they have walked through this "door of opportunity."

This will mark the end of a decade-long journey with #BirthdayBitcoin.

Learn more about "ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē" on the website. About the Artist Micah Johnson is a self-taught figurative artist who uses strong gestural lines combined with loose brush strokes to create dramatic portraits primarily featuring African-American children.

He sees art as an opportunity to inspire a broader demographic around the subjects of racial equality, chasing your dreams without limitations, and the empowerment of young people.

About Async Art is helping to create a new art revolution built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our users create, collect, and trade programmable art comprising a Master work and Layers that are independently owned and controlled: our users become part of the art themselves.

Launched in February 2020, there has been over $2.5M exchanged on the platform and over $600k in artist sales.

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