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Pet friends: How to capture their cutest, funniest moments

English novelist George Eliot said, "Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."

True. They won't even ask you why you're taking their picture and won't criticize you when that picture turns out bad.

Cody Dog (Photo: Riz Pulumbarit)

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” -- Author M.K. Clinton

The popularity of pets is evident on social media as there are so many groups and pages dedicated to animal photography.

Some of them have even become stars on Instagram. The Hootsuite blog posted an article on "8 Dogs That Are Better at Instagram Than You."

"They snore, they drool, they’re hairy, and they’re better at Instagram than you," Hootsuite said.

One of these famous Instagrammers is Jiffpom, a cute pomeranian with more than 10 million followers on Instagram alone.

Cats are certainly not behind as they millions of followers on Instagram as well. Nala Cat even holds a Guinness World Record for being the most popular cat on Instagram.

Tardar Sauce nicknamed Grumpy Cat, who passed away in 2019, is only the second most followed cat on Instagram but she had a wider media coverage. She also had a Friskies sponsorship, books, and licensed merchandise.

How to take good pet photos

Over the years, here are some of the most practical tips I have picked up from my husband Riz, a professional photographer for over 30 years.

(1) Be observant. Know when it's good to take pictures of pets or not.

(2) Be comfortable. Pets can sense when we're anxious and may feel stressed.

(3) Be patient. All great photos require some patience. Many factors have to come together to create a good image: right moment, good light, great mood, and others.

(4) Use a phone or DSLR that can take good photos of moving animals especially as pets will most likely become curious when they see you aiming your camera at them.

(5) Take as many photos as you can, from different angles, but post only the best ones. It can be overwhelming on social media when we post too many similar-looking photos.

(6) When needed to capture their attention, you can use healthy pet treats.

(7) Lastly but most importantly, have fun and bond together.

Remember, your pet photos will become part of your precious family memories.

“Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate.

What’s one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully.” – Jon Katz

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