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New book 'Digital Legacy' teaches you to take control of your online afterlife

PALO ALTO, Calif. (PRNewswire) -- Do you know what will happen to your priceless email accounts, social media, photos, videos, documents when you pass away? No? Then you are not alone. But the time to take action is now.

Just as we arrange life insurance or trusts and wills, we need to plan for a digital afterlife not only for ourselves but for the loved ones we leave behind—else we run the risk of losing our digital legacy that includes our memories, our stories, and even our identities.

Digital Legacy: Take Control Of Your Online Afterlife is a new book that gives readers the knowledge and guidance to manage what happens to their digital assets and reputation after death. It outlines the pitfalls, challenges and opportunities that are important for all of us to tackle.

This new release is authored by Rikard Steiber and Daniel Sieberg – technology veterans, former Google executives and founders of digital legacy management startup GoodTrust. "Digital Legacy" is published by Stonesong and is available for sale as an eBook or paperback through Amazon.

"Death, wealth and possessions are as old as humanity. Our digital life is a younger concept. And the digital assets there are even more valuable for your loved ones - your photos, your videos, your friendships, your story, your dreams, your accomplishments. Your entire life story in digital form. Digital Legacy is a must-read to find your solution to this most fundamental human problem." - Gopi Kallayil Chief Evangelist for Digital Transformation and Strategy at Google

"This is truly an essential book and should be a part of everyone's estate planning. If you have a will you should have this book." - Carmen Rita Wong Writer, Producer, Nonprofit Board Member

"Digital Legacy shines a bright, stark light on an issue few if any of us want to confront: It will educate you, scare you, and spur you to action." - Lance Ulanoff Former editor-in-chief at Mashable, PCMag

"Written in a clear, accessible, and engaging manner Sieberg and Steiber's Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife is a fantastically well-organized approach to evaluating and organizing one's online legacy, setting the stage for a well-planned exit both from the digital and analog world." - Nathan Long President, Saybrook University

About the Authors

Daniel Sieberg is VP of Technology and Innovation Thought Leadership at Huawei USA and a co-founder of GoodTrust. He previously spent six years as an executive at Google and 12 years in news across ABC News, CBS News and CNN as an Emmy-nominated science and technology correspondent.

Daniel is the author of The Digital Diet: the four-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life (2011).

Rikard Steiber is a visionary Silicon Valley technology leader who is the founder and CEO of GoodTrust, with the mission to protect everyone's digital legacy.

He has been a global marketing executive at Google, built the world's first Virtual Reality "Netflix of VR" subscription service at HTC, built up leading video and eSports services at MTGx, and follows the "space race" as a Future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic.

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