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New app helps users get what they really want — sleep

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

NEW YORK (PRNewswire) -- A new app is taking over social media feeds to help users get what they really want – sleep.

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The Problem: It's easy to scroll through your social media feeds and feel terrible. "Doom scrolling" is a real phenomenon that causes a lot of harm to our wellbeing and within the past decade the number of people suffering from sleeplessness has risen dramatically. This is believed to be due, in part, to the use of smart phones before bed. But it doesn't have to be this way.

The Solution: Inspired by Rockwell's mission to combat insomnia through technology, The Bloc finally realized a way to hack the habit of the endless nighttime scroll—let the user scroll through content crafted and curated for the sole purpose of sleep. Sounds for sleep. Stories for sleep. Dynamic meditational imagery, scientifically designed to help you fall asleep. Introducing Scrollaby — the digital lullaby hidden within your social feed designed to get you off of your social feed.

Knowing the concept was a strategic fit, Rockwell Ventures jumped at the chance to develop the app based on the technologies, sleep science, and learnings from their other successful apps, such as Mesmerize and Doze.

"Most people that have trouble sleeping suffer from the terrible disease of "Too Much Thinking." People are lying in bed unable to shut off their brains. So, the key is if you can quiet someone's mind, you can get them to fall asleep." (from Rockwell Shah, Founder of Rockwell Ventures)

The Science: Scrollaby is designed to use the comfortable, familiar scrolling of social media to present specially-created content such as stories, soundscapes, and visual meditations that relax both body and mind, preparing the user for a deep, meaningful slumber.

Using dozens of techniques such as HRV breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and autogenic training, the app is firmly grounded in proven clinical and academic sleep research, while retaining a recognizable, friendly user interface.

Each time Scrollaby is launched, the user is met with a randomized feed of content, making each experience unique. When they find content they specifically enjoy, they can save it as a favorite, giving them the opportunity to both explore the new and return to the comfortable. Reminders and Apple Healthkit integration make the app an excellent tool for building new and lasting nighttime habits.

More info on the science behind Scrollaby here. (Note: Pzizz is another sleep app also developed by Rockwell Shah and based on similar techniques).

"We're an independent, entrepreneurial agency, and we believe in creating great work to do good. So, we asked ourselves how we could hack bedtime scrolling habits and use social media against itself. The team came up with the simple idea that scrolling could actually help you fall asleep. It's about tapping into an existing behavior, and turning it for your benefit." (from Bernardo Romero, Chief Creative Officer at The Bloc)

It's time to trade screen time for sleep time — with Scrollaby.

Happy scrolling. Happy Sleeping.

Scrollaby is available on the App Store.

SOURCES: The Bloc; PRNewswire

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