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Need a Zoom background? Try Starbucks

Here’s something to perk up and liven your Zoom meetings: Starbucks backgrounds.

The world-famous coffee brand released on August 20, 2020  on its website an assortment of high-resolution images of Starbucks store facades and interiors from around the world.

There are also images their first and only coffee farm in Costa Rica.

Starbucks aficionados who missed hanging out in their favorite Starbucks store can download a variety of backgrounds, from the original Starbucks store at Pike 1912 to a Starbucks store in beautiful Majorca, Spain. 

Download the intricate matrix-design interior of their iconic store near Daizafu Tenmangu Shrine in Fukuoka, Japan; the pink Starbucks store in the Caribbean island nation Turks and Caicos or their Disney store in Anaheim, California.

These and more free images will surely make you stand out in your virtual meetings. So sit back, sip your Starbucks vendi, and log in with your new Starbucks background.

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