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Miss traveling to Japan? New game provides virtual sightseeing of Tokyo

TOKYO (PRNewswire) -- Haregake Inc., which produces mystery-solving games in Japan, will release on December 19 "World Detective Mystery Episode Tokyo: The Enigma and the Secret Treasure ," a game that players can enjoy in English while staying home.

The game is part of "Tokyo Nazotoki Escape," an international entertainment brand Haregake launched in October 2020.

Haregake Inc. specializes in producing mystery-solving games. It has produced over 200 such games.

It is an escape game full of scenes in Tokyo allowing players to enjoy virtual sightseeing of the Japanese capital.

A player with the role of a detective will search throughout Tokyo to solve a mystery at a Tokyo girl's request.

Well-known tourist attractions in Tokyo appear in the game and these scenes have keys to solving the mystery.

The video is made from the perspective of players, allowing them to virtually stroll in Tokyo with the heroine.

Players will receive a "mysterious letter" after buying the game. Players are supposed to play the game while using a card and notes enclosed in the letter.

A video of various places in Tokyo can be viewed on a website listed in the letter to solve the mystery.

The company hopes people who have refrained from outings due to the COVID-19 crisis and lost opportunities to travel in Japan or overseas will enjoy the game.

Name: World Detective Mystery Episode Tokyo: The ENIGMA and the Secret Treasure Date of accepting purchase reservations: December 1, 2020 Date of starting shipping: Saturday, December 19, 2020 Price: 1,650 yen (including consumption tax) *Separate shipping charges required Time required to play the game: about 1 hour to 2 hours for beginners

About "Tokyo Nazotoki Escape"

Through this brand, Haregake is providing people in the world with mystery-solving games not requiring language knowledge and stimulating their power of imagination, like cryptanalysis, puzzles, and mysteries. It is also considering providing online games, including escape rooms, and installing its own facilities.

About escape games

An escape game is an experiential game that is popular because it allows every player to unfold his/her own story as one of its characters.

This type of game will inspire players to solve mysteries and ciphers appearing one after another and unfold their own stories.

SOURCES: Haregake Inc.; PRNewswire

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