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Learn the art of home cooking from the world's best chefs

Thirteen world-renowned chefs will be teaching via YesChef, with first classes from Nancy Silverton, Edward Lee and Erez Komarovsky available and more coming in 2021...

TEL AVIV, Israel (PRNewswire) – A new online education platform, YesChef, dedicated to cooking - lets anyone learn the art of home cooking from the world's greatest chefs.

In its first release of online classes, Michelin-starred chef and baker Nancy Silverton teaches her unique California-meets-Italy cuisine, James Beard award-winning author and chef Edward Lee teaches his Korean-infused Southern cuisine, and the "Godfather" of Israeli gastronomy, chef and baker Erez Komarovsky teaches modern Middle-Eastern cuisine.

More classes coming throughout 2021, from chefs Narda Lepes, Sean Brock, Pía León, Virgilio Martínez, Kwame Onwuachi, Nina Compton, Francis Mallmann, Asma Khan, Dario Cecchini and Chris Bianco.

"I think YesChef is providing - probably for the first time, ever - the ideal conditions for learning the art of cooking online," said Sean Brock.

"YesChef lets me take students to my favorite places - including my home kitchen - and teach my food through storytelling," said Nancy Silverton.

The pandemic has accelerated consumer adoption of online learning, as everyone, everywhere is looking to access meaningful experiences from home.

Tapping into this fast-growing market, YesChef delivers a unique combination of globe-trotting, inspirational storytelling, with hands-on learnings inside a food-centric experience, to let the user feel like they're with the chefs at home.

Unlike other educational offerings online, YesChef is the first premium platform dedicated to the art of home cooking, with video classes that fuse documentary storytelling with a practical, immersive experience, to deliver a totally new kind of cooking education that uses inspiration to power education.

"We work closely with each world-renowned chef, to develop a unique class that lets the chef impart their perspective, their story and their knowledge to create an entirely new way to learn how to cook the best food in the world at home. YesChef is on a mission to bring the best of the world of food into your home," said Steve Avery, YesChef founder and CEO.

Starting with an inspirational, documentary story before going into their home kitchen across a dozen deep-dive lessons, every 5-hour long class takes you on a culinary journey with the chef, to teach a lifetime of knowledge with access to the fundamentals, secrets, and dishes that made each one famous. Every class covers a broad range of recipes, techniques, and inspirations, and includes a step-by-step guided experience, detailed recipes, and unlimited access from any device.

"As a passionate home cook, I've spent years frustrated by the exhausting online cooking experience that home cooks endure," says YesChef Founder and CEO, Steve Avery "Our vision is to let anyone learn how to cook the best food in the world at home, from the world's most inspiring chefs."

YesChef is available with an All-Access membership for $180/year, or $460 for a Lifetime membership and includes:

  • Unlimited All-Access subscription to an ever-growing library of classes

  • Each class offers 5+ hours of original, exclusive video content with each chef, including a full-length documentary and 12 in-kitchen lessons

  • Hundreds of recipes, techniques, and stories

  • Access from any device phone, tablet, or laptop

  • Step-by-step guidance synced with each lesson's video

  • Closed captioning (currently in English and Spanish)

YesChef first classes now available with world-renowned chefs:

  • Nancy Silverton - Michelin star (Osteria Mozza); James Beard Award's Outstanding Chef, 2014; featured on Netflix's Chef's Table

  • Edward Lee - James Beard Award's Best Book 2019 (Buttermilk Graffiti) and Best Chefs in America nominee, featured on PBS's Mind of a Chef

  • Dario Cecchini - World famous Tuscan butcher; featured on Netflix's Chef's Table

  • Erez Komarovsky - Award-winning chef, baker, and author; credited for sparking Israel's artisanal bread revolution and the Godfather of modern Israeli cuisine

YesChef's mission statement

YesChef was founded by entrepreneur Steve Avery on the belief that anyone can learn how to cook, and everyone deserves access to the best possible teachers.

Unlike other disciplines, cooking is a skill that can be cultivated virtually. When taught through the right delivery system and by the right people, almost anyone can learn to master home cooking.

SOURCES: YesChef; PRNewswire

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