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Join Technogym's fitness campaign right from your own home

CESENA, Italy (PRNewswire) -- Everyday 50 million people train with Technogym at home and in fitness clubs, hotels, schools, medical centers, and corporate facilities all over the globe.

Different people with different goals and aspirations –- "fitness-passionate" persons, people training to improve sport performance, people in health and prevention programs – but united by the same passion: wellness.

Seven years ago, Technogym launched the Let's Move for a Better world campaign, a global initiative to gather the global Technogym community around a social objective: educating people about regular physical exercise to create a more sustainable society based on health.

This year, Technogym is launching the 2020 Let's Move Week: seven days of fitness events, challenges and activities, taking place both online and offline from November 9–15, gathering end users and fitness clubs all over the world.

Everyday, Technogym social media channels will offer fun and engaging workouts led by Technogym Master Trainers and international ambassadors.

You can join the campaign directly from your home, from the place you prefer or from the fitness clubs joining the campaign.

Check out Technogym Instagram profile, you will find at different times of the day engaging training session led by Technogym's global ambassadors: Jono Castano, Jessica Kate Herbert, Tom Bliss and Courtney Pruce.

Workouts will also be delivered in seven different languages - English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, German --  on Technogym YouTube. You will also find different levels of workouts, from beginner to advanced.

The Let's Move for a Better World campaign sums up Technogym's ultimate mission of spreading wellness on a global scale.

Today more than ever, people are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and Technogym believes that educating the younger generations is essential to reach this goal and create a more sustainable society that has well-being as one of its core values.

SOURCES: Technogym; PRNewswire

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