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INKR offers readers access to comics worldwide

SINGAPORE (PRNewswire) --INKR Global's immersive new comics reading and publishing app, INKR Comics, was launched on October 15.

The revolutionary new platform features an AI-backed translation technology, tailored content recommendations, a seamless reading experience, and integrated advertising, subscription, pay-per-chapter support, all combining to create one unprecedented global outlet for publishers.

"From our love for comics came the drive to build a platform that could leave a large-scale positive impact," said Ken Luong, INKR CEO.

"With all the learning and experience in building products we have accumulated throughout the years, we realized that we are in a unique position to efficiently bring all types of comics to readers across the globe."

INKR offers readers universal access to comics from around the world, including Japanese manga from Kodansha and Tokyopop, Korean webtoons from Mr. Blue and Toons Family, Chinese manhua from Weibo and FanFan, and American comics from publishers such as Image, an unparalleled catalog of diverse works available to read on one app.

INKR also offers INKR Localize, AI-assisted localization software which allows comics to be translated and posted by their authorized creators in record time.

INKR Localize will effectively end issues with the practice of unpaid, unauthorized scanned translations.

Alongside Localize, INKR for Publishers is every creator's gateway to global distribution for their comics catalog. INKR for Publishers allows flexible monetization and in-app content promotion. For more details, please visit

The app is currently available on iOS and Android.

About INKR Global Pte. Ltd.

INKR Global is a human-centered, design-driven tech company aiming to make comics universally accessible. INKR helps comic publishers and creators reach readers globally by making awesome content available to consumers, no matter where they are.

Based in Singapore with a team working out of Vietnam, INKR was created by passionate readers of comics and manga. They believe in the potential of the medium as not only an avenue for storytelling but also as a means of education and communication.

Other apps created by the team include Fuzel Collage, Woodpost, Wikly and KeepShot.

To find out more about INKR, please visit


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