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Hawakan Collective holds virtual art auction for children

The Hawakan Collective, a network of 21 artists, is holding a virtual art auction until July 19 to raise funds for learning tools for Filipino children in need.

The sale of selected artworks will also benefit Save the Children, an independent children's organization.

Click on this link to view the artworks and participate in the auction. Use the password: hawak.

The artists who form part of Hawakan are Filipinos studying in art schools in different parts of the world:


Ali Alejandro

Bambina Jacinto

Denise Heredia

Mica Tan

Paoi Tuason

Tara Soriano


Ali Cajetan

Gaby Tantuico

Inès Marmonier

Issay Rodriguez

Maia Panlilio

Maxine Duminy

Mica Araneta

Miguel Del Prado

Sophi Lilles


Basti Belmonte

Carmen Del Prado

Carolina Miñana

Gabe Ferrer

Rocio Solitaria


Austin Santiago

The Hawakan project began earlier this year when co-founders Jaime Jalandoni and Mikel Panlilio collaborated on a fundraiser for victims of the Taal volcano eruption.

One of the artists participating in the auction is Sophi Lilles, a fourth year architecture student at PRATT Institute in New York.

"My piece, Magkatabi, visualizes the density of Manila, compacting all types of buildings into a single view. I see Metro Manila as the sum of all Filipinos, where every individual is a vital part in making Manila run. Even though Covid-19 highlights the drastic disparities present in the Philippines, I wanted to represent Manila as a unified entity," Lilles says.

Many of the artworks included in the auction are in the P3,000-5,000 range but there are also pieces that are in the six-figure range.

Prints of the artworks are also being sold for P1,250 each.

For more information, visit the Hawakan website or Facebook page.

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