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Get creative on International Dot Day

September 15 is International Dot Day, a worldwide celebration of creativity and courage.

According to The Dot Club, International Dot Day was inspired by the book "The Dot" written by Peter Reynolds.

The book tells the story of a girl who learned to make her mark in the world with the help of a caring teacher.

In the story, the small dot on a piece of paper became a symbol of courage and confidence to journey toward self-discovery.

On September 15, 2009, teacher Terry Shay brought the book to his classroom and was inspired to initiate an annual celebration of Dot Day.

On Dot Day, teachers from different countries encourage their students to express their creativity through writing, drawing, painting, or other means.

The students then share their works with The Dot Club to inspire others.

This year's theme is "Connecting the Dots." The Dot Day organizers asked people to use not only the #InternationalDay2020 but also #DotsforLight as a tribute to Bill Norris, a Dot Connector who passed away last May.

Click here to view the gallery of artworks shared by people from all over the world.

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